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Vegan Cuts May Beauty Box Review

So in an effort to save a little cash, I had cancelled my Beauty Box. I know, the horror. Than I saw the preview video for the May Vegan Cuts Beauty Box and I was like, “Dumb.” So, obviously, I re-signed up for it. And you should too. It’s such a great way to try vegan, organic, cruelty-free beauty products for 20 smackaroos a month.

vegan cruelty free beauty

May’s box was the most valuable yet with 3 full size products all worth a pretty penny. So let’s get to it.

  1. Skin Again Vanish– So this was a super exciting product to try. This is actually what clinched me re-signing up for my box. Turning 30 is hard and after rocking out hard in my 20s my body could use some TLC, especially my skin. Skin Again was born after the CEO, Sherrie, was severely burned in an accident. She began using a lotion that was gifted to her that totally saved her skin from scarring. She was inspired by this experience and used her knowledge of holistic elements to create these beautiful lotions for healing and damage prevention. I received a full size sample of Vanish, which helps diminish scars, cellulite, and stretch marks. Let me tell you, this shit works. Knowing the science behind cellulite, I was really skeptical but I have noticed a big difference in how my thighs look now. (Sorry, no before and after pictures. Nobody gets to see those.) So, if you are looking for a healing lotion like this it is worth every penny.
  2. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Lash Strengthening Mascara– I was hoping to receive a mascara in one of the Beauty Boxes at some point. Lauren Brooke Cometiques uses natural and certified organic ingredients in all of their products. This mascara is a blend of vitamins, herbs, and extracts that help stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.  This is a good mascara, there’s no flaky, runny stuff that you can sometimes get with mascara. It goes on clean and comes off easily. I was using Gabriel Cosmetics Mascara but I will be purchasing this as a replacement.
  3. Gourmet Body Treats Raw Finishing Powder– This was another full size goodie. Gourmet Body Treats is a company that was created because the owner has a skin condition that prevented her from using many beauty products. Gourmet Body Treats uses vegan, organic, and eco-friendly sourced ingredients to make their awesome products. And they have super cute packaging too! This finishing powder is awesome. It definitely helps keep my face from getting shiny and oily in the desert summer heat. This is a sheer powder that is great for all skin types and should be incorporated as the last step in your make-up routine.
  4. Tallulah Jane Halona Perfume– In general I am not a fan of perfume, I’m more of an essential body oil kinda of girl. I am also more of a fan of light floral scents over anything else but I gave this a fair try. This is a light scent that is great for summer and is a good scent for anyone who likes a strong citrus scent with spicy notes.
  5. Sevi Blue Yarrow Salt Salt Texturing Spray I am a huge fan of the boho type look and Sea Salt Spray is a staple for my hair. So when I saw this little gem, I did jig of glee. This is a good texturing spray that gives you light body and defined curls without getting your hair all crunchy. The best part about this is you just spray, run your fingers through your hair and run. Low maintenance is totally my style!
  6. Goddess Garden Organics SPF 30 Sunny Body Sunscreen– A natural sunscreen that protects your skin from damaging broad spectrum UVA/UVB rays. It’s very light weight and moisturizing, so it goes well on your face. (They do make separate facial sunscreen.) This sunscreen is all natural, vegan, non-gmo and is package in recyclable containers. I try not to spend too much time out in the sun, especially in the summertime (the desert is effing hoTT!!!!!!) but I did use it for a day out and it didn’t leave me greasy or have that strong sunscreen smell which is a huge bonus in my book.
  7. Gabriel Lip Gloss Treatment 8 in Champagne– I have been using Gabriel for a while now mainly because this is something I can pick up at Whole Foods. This is a nice gloss that’s not too goopy and conditions and moisturizes your puckers. As far as lip products go, I usually just use chapstick but I will bust out the occasional gloss when I’m feeling sassy. This is an unusual color for me, so it is taking some getting use to, but it reminds me of something totally retro. And I love retro, so I’ll keep giving it a try.

That’s it folks. I hope you’ll give the Beauty Box and some of these amazing products a try!

What are your favorite beauty products?