About Me


The House of Snuggles: Keeping it real since 2012.

The House of Snuggles began as an idea between my husband and myself. When we first got together, we decided our home would be our little sanctuary so we laid out some guidelines to help keep our home snuggly and bright. First the House of Snuggles is a place of comfort and happy vibes, filled all the cuddles that it can hold. Second, if you come to the House of Snuggles, you must leave your negative shit at the door. We don’t want that stuff here. Lastly, The House of Snuggles is a place to feel comfortable no matter who you are. Seriously, you visit my House of Snuggles and you’ll get licked to death by a German Shepherd and probably fed something home baked. Oh, and maybe a stink eye from 1 or 4 cats. (I know I said no negativity but I can’t control the cats and their moods.)

10 Cold Hard Truths About the Author

  1. I am both a dog and cat person. I love them both equally. Don’t make me choose between the two because I won’t.
  2. With that being said, I have more cats then someone my age ought to have.
  3. Huge lover of vintage things be it fashion or furniture. If it’s old, I’ll probably like it. I think I may have been born in the wrong time period…
  4. I believe in the paranormal, faeries, and elves.
  5. My favorite colors are black and red… Followed by mint.
  6. My best friend and I have been besties for more then 20 years.
  7. The Count of Monte Cristo is the best book ever written. Period.
  8. I love apples, especially honey crisp and any type of baked good made from apples.
  9. The Michigan Central Train Station is my most favorite building.
  10. I tried to leave Michigan and start a new life only to later realize that I’m a Detroit girl at heart and return home. (Probably a sentimental blog post to come)

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8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. celestedimilla

    Hey there! I just discovered your blog and read your Peaceful Dumpling articles – great job with that! I’m vegan and am trying my hand out at this writing thing too. I’m glad I ran across your blog. I look forward to more of your posts! Celeste πŸ™‚


      1. celestedimilla

        Oh, thank you! It looks like you’re doing pretty darn good with this to me. I actually hired someone to do the layout for me. She’s really, really reasonable, if you’re interested in some help. Her name is Natasha and I’m sure she’d be happy to answer any questions you have. Here’s her email if you’re interested: natasha.basacchi@gmail.com

        I’m so happy we’ve connected! Celeste πŸ™‚


  2. Debbie McCray

    I saw your blog name on the blog roll for Blogging 201. I thought I would stop by to see why it was named as such. I have now come away hungry after looking over your recipes and awesome pictures.



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