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Travels with 2 cats

traveling with pets


Have you ever tried to drug a cat?

Let me tell you, it’s serious business.

Four years ago I decided to pack up and move 2,000 miles. The reasoning for this decision is fodder for another post. Today, I want to focus on traveling with fur babies.

So at the time, I had only 2 cats, my baby, Bacardi Koshka and Miss. Sassy Pants Calypso. I wasn’t about to leave them behind so it came down to figuring out the cheapest way to get them across the country with the least amount of fuss.

Being resourceful, I first decided on flying them. Should be no problem, right? Millions of people travel by plane with their fur-babies and they are a.o.k. Here’s the thing about air travel: If you don’t have a pocket dog or other small animal, it’s a little more complicated. Before I continue here’s a few things you should know about air travel with your pets:

  1. It is not safe for smushy face pets (aka brachycephalic) You know, like Persians and pugs and what not. They have an extremely hard time breathing at high altitudes and are prone to oxygen deprivation. Never let these guys fly in cargo.
  2. If you must fly with your beloved pet, keep them in the cabin. Buy them a seat or make sure their crate fits under your seat. A lot of animals that are checked into cargo can suffer injuries, anxiety, sometimes get lost and sometimes fatalities happen (morbid, I know.)
  3. To minimize risk to your furry friends, research airlines that allow pets to travel in the cabin, only fly on direct flights, and keep a current copy of your pets immunizations and a recent photo.

So anyways, on to my story. I checked airfares for myself, a traveling companion and two kitties and it was way out of my budget. So on to option numero dos. I decided to drug my cats and drive the 2,000. Was drugging absolutely necessary? Yes, yes it was. Have you ever ridden in a car with a cat? I mean I know there are some freak cats out there that are ok with car trips but most cats I know get hysterical and then have to sing the song of their people the entire trip (mine sing in harmony.)

To keep the sanity of myself and my traveling companion, drugs were the way to go. Cats are not huge fans of change and traveling is hard on them. Here’s how to travel by car.

  1. Make sure they stay in a crate. This is for your safety and the safety of your kitty. There are lots of places to hide in a car and if they get scared and jump on you while you’re driving than you are going to have bigger issues on your hands.
  2. Make sure their crate is big enough for a travel litter box and water. You know big enough for your cat to move around and to put a small box with litter because you never know when the urge to potty will strike.
  3. Make frequent stops to offer food, water, and do a wellness check up. Mine weren’t all that interested in using the potty or feeding during the trip. At our wellness stops, I mostly got the fuck you look from drug laden eyes.
  4. Do not leave your animal unattended in a car for long amounts of time and if it’s hot, don’t ever leave your animal in the car. This is kind of a dur, since your cat is already under a lot of stress, don’t stress them out more by leaving them alone in a strange place. Cars can get really hot really fast so never, ever leave your pet in a hot car. Just don’t do it.
  5. Stay at pet friendly hotels when you stop at night. I did the 2,000 mile drive in 3 days, roughly about 8 hours a day in the car (that’s how long the tranquilizers last) There are lots of pet friendly hotels out there so it should be fairly easy to find ones along your path.

With that being said, here is the procedure to catching and drugging your cat.

  1. Make your plan of attack- This is when you plot out a map of your house, close off exits, and get your pill ready.
  2. Act like nothing is going to happen- You know just walk around and pretend like it’s a normal day meanwhile keeping an eye on your cats moves. Your cat might begin to become suspicious.
  3. Quietly stalk your cat like the Crocodile Hunter (Crikey, She’s a Beaut!)- Follow her around the house, get her pattern of movement down and lie in wait for the perfect meowment.
  4. Pounce and attack!- This part of the process might be long or short depending on your cat. Mine are both a lively bunch and will put up a good fight. And be especially careful of those nails!
  5. Pry open your cat’s mouth and drop that sucker in there- Do this while whispering soothing words and making them as comfortable as possible.
  6. Release and wait- Eventually they will start drunk walking and then that’s when you know it’s time to go.

….or maybe you can crush up the drugs and hide it in some wet food. (This method did not work for my cats, finicky little fucks.)

That’s it. Have any questions about traveling with a cat? Had any experiences with traveling with pets? I’d love to hear your advice and stories!



Stay Hydrated, People.


Hey there Snuggle Friends,

This week in the great Sonoran Desert the average temperature is 115 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s that wonderful time of year when you open your front door and feel like you are walking into Satan’s armpit. I mean boob sweat is a real tragedy that affects me on a daily basis and I’m only outside for a grand total of 10 minutes everyday!

With that being said, this type of weather has pretty much kept me inside and also made me just slightly stir crazy with a touch of the Cabin Fever. Oh, I have been tempted to climb the walls in my office once or twice just to try to break the monotony of my day. So today, I actually ventured outside and went for a 5 minute walk to the mailbox. To my delight, I found my Vegan Cuts Beauty Box (because really you know, this is the highlight of my month) and I pulled it out with the dreaded feeling that everything was melted in it. Low and behold, everything was ok with the exception of the lipstick and body butter samples but a quick stint in the refrigerator fixed those right up.

So since it’s getting to be the dog days of summer, I just want to remind you all to stay hydrated and to keep your furry friends hydrated and happy. Don’t keep them outside too long and know the signs of dehydration and fatigue because they are easily missed if you aren’t looking for them.

Here’s some tips on how to stay hydrated and avoid heat exhaustion in 115 Degree heat:

  1. Drink some fucking water- A lot of it, actually. In fact, don’t go anywhere without a water bottle. It’s easy to get busy and forget to take a sip of water but try to make a water date every hour. There are even apps out that will remind you to drink water so there’s no excuses.
  2. Eat some water dense food- Stuff like watermelon, cucumbers, and tomatoes hold a lot of water so eat these suckers like it’s cool. Want to know more hydrating foods? Check out this piece I wrote for Peaceful Dumpling here.
  3. Stay inside during the hottest parts of the day- This is generally about afternoon to early evening. Or if you live in the metro Phoenix area, all day every day, mid-July to about mid-September. Keep you pets indoors during these times too. They don’t sweat like we do and the heat is super hard on them.

Hope you all are having a good week and staying cooler than I am!

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review: June Box

Hey there, Snuggle Friend’s it’s that time again! Where the eff did the time go? Have you checked out the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box yet? I mean, really, you should. It’s an awesome little gift to yourself or others (sharing is caring!) When you sign up for a subscription, you get a box with an assortment of 4-7 sample and full size vegan beauty products for only $20 bucks a month. I know, totally cool, right? I’ve discovered some really cool stuff through this program and it really helps with finding vegan beauty for reasonable price.


So, Let’s move onto what I got for June.

  1. Superchic Laquer by Wonder Beauty Products- I received this totally awesome, handmade nail lacquer in a pretty, sparkly blue hue named Coming Unblued ( a good summer shade!). This polish drys quick and smoothly, which is always a bonus in my book. This polish is the mega 5 free and has no toxic chemicals. Check out their Etsy store for all of their super cute colors!
  2. Pacifica Natural Eye Pencil- I received this pencil in Fringe, a mocha brown, that goes on super smooth. I usually only buy black liquid eyeliner but I really like how this pencil is very easily applicable. This little pencil is also packed full of nutrients that help protect and nourish your sensitive eye area. And it’s waterproof!! Pacifica is a cool brand that you can order online or find in the Whole Body section at your local Whole Foods.
  3. NYL Velvet Transformative Serum– Need I say more? I do? Ok, I will. This is a fabulous little product that is full of vitamin C, antioxidants, anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties. Yes, my lovelies, this is a great serum for protecting your face. After I put it on, my skin feels so silky and radiant. NYL is made in a kitchen with amazing vegan, eco-friendly, and organic ingredients. Bottom line is: I really love this pick.
  4. LA Fresh Nail Polish Remover Wipes- These wipes are eco-friendly and one wipe works for 10 nails. Of course, I put these to the sparkly nail polish test, which is the toughest test of all. It did pretty good against the test. The scent is so much better than regular acetone nail polish and your nails feel conditioned afterwards.
  5. Lip Glosserie Moisturizing Lip Balm in Asain Pear- OMG. This is one tasty lip balm. The Lip Glosserie is a small company ran out of a kitchen in Austin, TX and they do an amazing job. This lip balm goes on smooth and gives you just a little shimmer. It looks really perrttty on and it tastes and smells amazing.
  6. Jane Carter Solution Hair Butter- Full of moisturizers, this is a great little product for the summer (especially for those of us desert dwellers!) It gets rid of those frizzes and keeps your locks looking lovely. Just remember, a little bit goes a long way!

That’s it. Now, get your keester on over to and get your beauty box. Seriously. Do it. (Be one of the 1st of 300 to sign up for a new subscription in time for the July box and receive a bonus gift!)

*An added note, lovelies. This is not a sponsored post, I pay for my subscription and give my honest opinion on all products.