Lazy Sunday Funday Weekly Roundup March 23rd, 2014

Welcome back, Snuggles Friends to another Lazy Sunday Funday Weekly Roundup. I have some exciting things for you this week so let’s get to it!

lazy sunday funday vegan

Snuggles Hot Topic of the Week: Moby: Why I’m Vegan.

Electronic music master, Moby wrote an article for Rolling Stone this week about why he’s vegan and how he feels people should spread the word about veganism. His piece is beautifully written and from the heart, and I happen to agree with him 100%:

“To be clear: Just because I’m a vegan I’m not saying you should be a vegan. It would be ironic if I refused to force my will on animals but was all too happy forcing my will on humans.” Moby

Vegan Product of the Week: Yours Truly by Tofutti

These are what they look like. A veganized version of those oh so delicious, Drumsticks. Actually, They are better. The chocolately coating has a hint of coconuttofutti vegan ice cream in it to make it interesting. The vanilla Tofutti ice-cream complements the chocolate lined cone and the crunchy chocolate shell making this an awesome frozen sweet treat. Get ready Summer, Tofutti is here.

Snuggles Belly Rub Rating: 4 out of 5 Belly Rubs

What’s Cooking in the House of Snuggles This Week:

This week’s menu is about being cost-effective and delicious. We are having simple, easy to make meals that are inexpensive. Check out our sample menu:

Breakfast: Fruit Smoothies

Lunch: PB and J on homemade bread

Dinner: Pizza with homemade sauce and crust

Snack: Carrots and hummus

Peaceful Dumpling Contribution for the Week: Can Gut Health Affect Your Mood?

Your gut flora not only affects your health but also your mental health as well.

Can Gut Health Affect Your Mood?

That concludes another Lazy Sunday Funday Weekly Roundup. I hope you had as much fun as I did! I want to leave this week with a video of a baby marmoset. It’s super cute and makes me want to go into wild animal rescue.

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