Main Street Vegan Book Review

Hey there Snuggle Friends,

As a part of my continuing vegucation, I have just finished reading Victoria Moran’s DSC_1103Main Street Vegan. As a holistic health practitioner, Moran shows that making the change to a vegan diet is easy and she demonstrates the baby steps to do so. Moran’s writing style is easy to digest and is a lot like having a conversation with your best friend’s, hippy mom who’s a veteran vegan. Even though she does include a few chapters on animal cruelty, they are well written and informative, and I actually learned a few things (especially what they do for foie gras, yuck.) This book does a great job of presenting basic nutrition without being overwhelming and even includes simple and delicious recipes at the end of each chapter to help illustrate points. (The “Cheapish Chili” is a recipe worth saving!) She even includes chapters on vegan traveling, as well as, meeting and networking with new vegan friends. One of the best parts of this book are the pages of reference at the end that help you find veg friendly products, as well as, names of organizations to support. Main Street Vegan is a quick and entertaining read packed full of veg-awesome information. Go get it, get snuggly and check it out. And don’t forget to let me know what you think!



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