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January Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

Alright, I am so excited to go over January’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. Are you excited to see what I have to show you? I know you are. Ok, good. Let’s get started. This month’s box of joy was packed full of skin care goodies to help you through those gosh darn dry winter months.

vegan cuts beauty box

Introducing Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!!

1. Aubrey Organics Detangle and Shine Spray for Fine to Medium Hair It was so perfect that I happened to receive this little gem in my box. I happen to have fine hair that tangles super easily. I sprayed it on damp hair and it worked beautifully! Using organic quinoa protein, this product smoothes and revitalizes hair while protecting it from heat damage.

2. Ofra Cosmetics liquid lipstick As soon as I opened my box I put this sweet smelling lip stuff on. The color is so perfect for my skin tone and it smells like vanilla. It has a gorgeous shine and kept my lips soft and smooth. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E to keep your lips nourished all day.

3. Primal Pit Paste in Thyme-Lemongrass This stuff is the shit. This is my first try with a deodorant cream. It is so hard to find natural deodorants that work. I put this on in the morning and then I proceeded about my busy Saturday. I stopped to smell my pits along the way (TMI? Maybe, but how else to do check if it’s working or not?) Anyways, so far, so good. So unlike my normal Saturday, certain events happened and, I thought that one of my cats had escaped and gone missing. Now mind you, this is apt to send any fur baby mama into a hysterical panic. As I ran around my neighborhood searching for my little love, I started to work up a sweat (I live in the desert and we are having unseasonably warm winter). Eventually, I found him hiding under my bed. So after I finished having my heart attack, I remembered to check my pits. They still smell good. Bingo! I think I just found my new deodorant.

4. Dew Puff This is probably my favorite from this month’s box. It’s pure plant fiber sponge. They are made from konhac root, a plant native to Asia. This sponge has the natural ability to break down dirt and promote circulation and rejuvenate skin. I used this bad boy after I got home from work and oh man, was it something special. I used it with cleanser since I needed to take my make-up off anyway, but it left my skin feeling soft and a little bit glowy. These sponges also last up to 3 months so that’s even better! I’ll probably be purchasing one of these because they are freaking awesome.

5. Biao Beauty Rejuvenating Night Cream This is a light weight cream that feels as smooth as silk. I rubbed in into my skin after my experience with the dew puff. My skin felt hydrated and super soft. This cream contains babassu and olive oil to boost collagen levels and repair your skin to keep you youthful.

6. Better Botanicals Ayurvedic Skincare– I received samples of the Jojoba Clarifying Scrub and the Coriander Balancing Cleanser. The Coriander Balancing Cleanser had a wonderful light scent and was very gentle with my sensitive skin. It’s pretty awesome because coriander is a natural anti-inflammatory and natural anti-bacterial agent, so it works great for acne (score!) The  Jojoba Clarifying Scrub worked beautifully at exfoliating and is gentle enough that I would use it every night.

Alright, lovelies, that’s it. If you haven’t checked out the Beauty Box yet, I suggest you get your tushies over to Vegan Cuts and check it out!