Vegan Dinner: Kale and Tofu

Ok, I know tofu is something that most people associate with either Asian cultures or tree hugging veg people. I know, I was scared of tofu when I first tried it (something made from bean curd just did not sound appetizing when I was younger.) But after putting on my big girl panties and getting over my fears I discovered a very versatile key component to many veg cuisines. Of course it’s a major source of protein for those of us abstaining from animal products but even if you choose to eat animals, give it a try. Try it several different ways. It might surprise you.

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Anyways, a good dinner to make when you come home from a long day is something with tofu. For the most part it cooks pretty quickly and it takes on any flavor that you give it. My personal favorite way is to fry it up because everything tastes better fried. Since I am trying to eat healthy, I went with sautéing it and fortunately, this week, I just happened to have some kale, which is awesome because it is such a powerhouse.

Just real quick here’s the info on kale:

  • Kale is considered a cancer fighting super food due to its many antioxidants
  • It is ridiculously high in vitamin K- try like 684% of your daily recommended value
  • It also contains calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, copper, potassium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorous
  • It also is high in fiber that can help clean you out (read: make you poo real good)
  • It can be prepared in numerous delicious ways: sauté, steam, bake, etc. –I’m still trying to find the best way it can be prepared

So bottom line: Eat your fucking kale.

Anyways, I like to make Kale and Tofu Delight from Sarah Kramer’scookbook: La Dolce Vegan. This recipe is super delicious and relatively quick to make. It’s got a little bit of a kick just to make your mouth warm and I like to add a little lemon for a boost of flavor (lemon also helps cut down on the bitterness of the kale.) I toss it with brown rice but I think it could go with any grain your heart desires.



2 thoughts on “Vegan Dinner: Kale and Tofu

    1. krystle Post author

      Thanks! Sarah Kramer’s cookbooks have a lot of great recipes. This one is totally adaptable as well. I was thinking about it and you could totally add onions and mushrooms or anything else that you can come up with!



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