Vegan on a Budget: The Farmer’s Market

One of the most challenging aspects of being vegan is getting a variety of produce for the best prices. I know I am on a super tight budget so I am always looking for a way to save money. Growing my own veggies is out of the question because my patio gets full sun which is equivalent to taking a walk on liquid hot magma. My little tomato plants are sad and wilty faster than you can blink. So I’ve come to rely on farmer’s markets and local CSAs until I can fulfill my organic farm fantasy.


The Pros of Shopping at the Farmer’s Market:

  • Produce is local– By shopping locally, you help support the little man and keep money in the community instead of supporting giant corporations with no local connections.
  • Connecting with your fellow man- You get to meet the people who are growing your food and get a better understanding of the local climate and all the toil that goes into putting food on your table.
  • It’s cheaper-Not only is the produce more fresh, it also costs a heck of a lot less than going to Whole Foods. Most of the time, the produce will also be organically grown but check with your local market to make sure.
  • You can also get other neat shit- Not only can you get awesome, fresh produce but you can explore other local businesses and get anything you desire from local baked goods, handmade soaps, and knick knacks.

Need help finding a local Farmer’s Market? 

Check out Local Harvest. This is your super awesome tool to find all local farmer’s markets and CSAs.


4 thoughts on “Vegan on a Budget: The Farmer’s Market

  1. Tammy

    We love participating in our CSA. Not only does it force me to try new things but it forces me to figure out how to prepare things that I don’t particularly like!


    1. krystle Post author

      Same here! For example, I used to not be a big fan of kale but every week my box has some form of it. These are the times Pinterest comes in handy 🙂


      1. Danielle Troia

        How could one not like kale? Kale is a wonderful thing! I always pair it with lentils and lately I’ve been making kale chips. Super yums.

        By the way, nice blog Sister Dear.


      2. krystle Post author

        Well, you know, sometimes it’s a little bitter and the texture can get weird depending on how you cook it.
        Thanks, I am really excited for it to take off!


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